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Online admission form

Having all the information we need prior to your admission will make it easier for you on the day of admission to the hospital.

Before your procedure, it is important that you complete and return your hospital admission form to the Eye Centre at least one week prior to your surgery date. It is easiest to complete the form online, but you can drop the form in to the hospital, mail it, fax it or email a copy also. If you send a copy you must bring the original form with you on the day of admission. 

Confirmation of your surgical booking

Your doctor or your doctor’s practice manager will have made a booking for you at the hospital at the time of your consultation.

To confirm your booking and to find out your admission time, fasting instructions and fees please call (02) 9716 3580 the working day before your surgery between 8am and 1pm. 

If your surgery is on a Monday, please call the Friday before.

    Day Only or Overnight Accommodation
    Generally, patients are admitted and discharged on the same day, however overnight accommodation is also available. Please enquire with our staff.

      Payment of accounts

      We will perform a fund check for you prior to your admission to ensure you are covered for your surgery. Please ensure your health fund membership details are written clearly on your admission form to avoid delays in our checking system. We also encourage you to contact your fund personally to ensure you are financially covered for surgery, as cataracts and other lens related procedures are often restricted or excluded on some levels of cover.

      If you are not in a private fund or you are not fully covered, an estimate of fees will be given to you when you call for your admission time; the working day before your procedure.

      Fasting & medication

      You will be given your fasting instructions over the phone the day before your procedure. It is essential that you follow these instructions (to fast means nothing to eat or drink, even water, for at least 6 hours prior to your surgery). If they are not followed this could result in your surgery being cancelled or postponed. If you are in doubt about this matter please contact our admissions staff or your surgeons’ rooms.

          • If you take a blood pressure or heart tablet in the morning, please take this with a small sip of water on the day of your surgery.
          • If you are taking blood thinners such as Aspirin or Warfarin please check with your doctor who will recommend if you need to cease taking this prior to surgery.
          • If you are a diabetic please consult your surgeon in regards to taking your medication the morning of surgery.
          • Remember to bring all medications in their original packaging and equipment with you to the hospital.

      On the day of surgery

      The Eye Centre is on level three of The Sydney Private Hospital. Please enter the Hospital via the main Robert Street entrance. It is important that you arrive at the time you are given, to ensure you have adequate time to complete the admission process before surgery. Every effort will be made to time your admission as closely as possible to the time of your operation. We would appreciate your understanding if, for any reason, your procedure is delayed.

      What to wear:

          • Comfortable clothing; a hospital gown will be provided for the procedure.
          • Please do not wear tops or jackets with long sleeves unless they can be easily removed prior to your procedure.

      What to bring:

          • Comfortable clothing; a hospital gown will be provided for the procedure.
          • Please do not wear tops or jackets with long sleeves unless they can be easily removed prior to your procedure.

      Post op important points

      After your procedure a protective shield may be placed over your eye. This will need to stay in place and will be removed by your doctor the following day. Post-Operative discharge instructions will be given to you after your surgery during the discharge process. If possible, arrange for a responsible adult to escort you home as you will be unable to drive or travel alone on public transport.  Do not drive until your vision has been checked by your doctor, they will inform you when it is safe to drive.

      You will be provided with a light meal after your surgery.

      Your eye drop prescription can be filled onsite at the Hospital pharmacy located on level 1 of the hospital for your convenience. Pharmacy opening hours: Mon-Fri 830am-4.30pm.

      If after your surgery you have any problems or worries please contact the Eye Centre on 9716 3581 Monday to Friday 7am to 5pm, after hours please phone 9797 0555 or contact your surgeon directly.

      Visitor information

      While our primary focus is on patient care, we have not lost sight of the fact that family and visitors are an integral part of the process. We have created special arrangements to allow relatives and visitors convenient and suitable access both before and after surgical procedures.

      If you decide to wait for your relative we have a designated waiting area with a television located directly outside the Eye Centre on level three and a café located on level one serving coffee, food and snacks.

      There is easy access to the hospital from all parts of Sydney and we have on site parking located at the Robert Street entrance of the hospital. Additionally, the area has abundant street parking options available.

      If your relative is staying overnight visiting hours are between 10am and 8pm, seven days a week.

      For all additional information and queries please contact us on 9716 3580.


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